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Recruitment Funnel offers you many of the benefits of using a Recruitment Agency but at a fraction of the cost.

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Where CVs deliver more than words

Business owner, hiring manager, recruitment specialist. Imagine having a system that dramatically cuts down your recruiting time, sifting through CVs so that you don’t have to. Even better, it performs automated screening interviews on your behalf, ensuring your candidates can ‘walk the walk’ before you’ve even met them. Now you can. 

Introducing Recruitment Funnel

As anyone working in recruitment knows, it’s a tough task finding Mr or Mrs Right. For some roles, you might receive hundreds of applications, many of which you’ll find it difficult getting past the opening paragraph. Then comes knowing if what is written on the CV is genuine. What a clunky process, never mind a time-stealer.

The Recruitment Process. Simplified.

In three easy steps, Recruitment Funnel sifts through applicants quickly to find the candidates best-suited to your latest vacancy.


Step 1: CV Screening

Depending on which Service you have chosen, CVs are screened either by you, the Client, or ourselves to identify those CVs which may be of interest for the role in question

Step 2: Key Competency Questionnaire

Those candidates are then issued a key competency questionnaire to complete and resubmit, with responses received and checked for suitability

Step 3: Automated Telephone Interview

Email invitations are sent to relevant candidates to undertake our unique Automated Telephone Interview. Recordings of each candidate interview are then forwarded to you, the Client, for assessment

The End Result? A small and fully qualified pool of candidates for you to progress through to the face to face interview stage.

All these candidates have been assessed in terms of Key Competencies relating to the role in question as well as recordings of hearing how they speak, how confident they are, whether or not they sound like they may fit into your team. And all this without you having to lift up the telephone to speak to any of the candidates.

All you have to do now is interview the pre-assessed candidates and appoint. A huge time saver!

Recruitment Funnel offers you many of the benefits of using a Recruitment Agency but at a fraction of the cost

Client Testimonials

Ross Beattie

We have just used the Recruitment Funnel tool for the first time and have found it extremely useful. It saved us lots of time as we didn’t have to go through all the candidate CV’s. Houghton Mackenzie did the sifting and sent us the candidates that could potentially do the job. With the CV came a key competencies questions and answers which we both developed. We also got a short telephone interview response so we could hear the candidates which was very insightful. We received regular updates on people applying so knew daily the status on applicants. The whole process was very easy and we will use Houghton Mackenzie again when we next recruit.

I’d strongly recommend the Recruitment Funnel tool to any employer who needs help managing and assessing applications, but who does not want to engage an agency on a full search basis. Recruitment Funnel is the perfect solution, including many of the benefits of using a recruitment agency but at a fraction of the cost.

Ross Beattie

MD – UK Brand Sales Ltd

Chris Hawthorn

“The Recruitment Funnel CV assessment and automated interview screening tool is immensely powerful, and I only wish we’d discovered it sooner. The ability of a potential candidate to compose themselves professionally, deliver well-constructed paragraphs, interpret and respond to questions in a competent manner, etc are all immensely important to us when hiring employees. Until now though, that has meant call after call to ascertain whether these skills are apparent, taking up significant amounts of time. Now we can just receive a recording in our inbox and determine very quickly whether we want to proceed, without the need for drawn out conversations. It’s a massive time saver, and our biggest headache has now been removed from the hiring process”.

Chris Hawthorn

Commercial Director of evalian

Kevin McGuinness

I thought it was really good, a great timesaver, and useful for the candidates as they can do it at any time to suit them, a small number of very pertinent questions – not too onerous – really useful

Kevin McGuinness

HR Director of Kärcher in GB & Ireland

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