Finding your perfect candidate is a tough task. Time-consuming, for starters, sifting through hundreds of applications, looking for that hidden gem.
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Is Recruitment Funnel a recruiting agency?

While our company is not a recruiting agent, our product is here to support anybody tasked with fulfilling job vacancies – business owner, hiring manager, HR lead or recruitment specialist – to simplify their recruitment process.

How much does Recruitment Funnel cost?

The product is available in a range of pricing options, depending on how regularly you are hiring and how you would look to use the service. To discuss your requirements and receive a bespoke quotation, please contact our team. One thing we can guarantee is that you will receive many of the benefits of using a Recruitment Agency but at a fraction of the cost.

Is this available to recruitment agents as well as direct employers?

 Absolutely! Recruiters will benefit from our service as much as companies conducting their own in-house recruitment since it speeds up the pre-interview process dramatically and saves on time and cost

Am I able to create my own bespoke questionnaire to use with your automated telephone interview product?

Yes! This is a key part of the Recruitment Funnel process. The bespoke Key Competency Questionnaire is a key driver in pre-selecting or de-selecting applicants.


Is there a limit to the number of automated telephone interviews your product allows?

 There is no limit to the number of interviews the Recruitment Funnel can accommodate per vacancy. Your quantity will depend on the plan you have agreed to, which is always tailored to your immediate needs and comes with an ability to scale up or down as those needs change.

How quickly will I receive the recordings of each interview?

Immediately after each interview has finished if you wish. The team receives the audio transcript in mp3 format which is then attached to an email and sent to you. The whole process takes a matter of minutes to complete.

Recruitment Funnel offers you many of the benefits of using a Recruitment Agency but at a fraction of the cost.