Finding your perfect candidate is a tough task. Time-consuming, for starters, sifting through hundreds of applications, looking for that hidden gem.
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The thing is, you know the type of candidate you’re after, and how to construct and distribute your recruitment ads in the right places (if you don’t or haven’t the time, again we can do this for you). You also want to run the face to face interviews yourself, once your key candidates have been uncovered.

It’s that bit in the middle you haven’t the time for. The sifting through sometimes hundreds of CVs. Not only due to the volume, but often, because CVs are so poorly written, making sense of the text is an art in itself.
From multinational commercial hiring managers to small business owners, to hiring manager or a recruitment consultant, Recruitment Funnel will change your life. A smart system that facilitates and automates the process of screening CVs and candidates, giving you a shortlist of suitable applicants in a much quicker timeframe.

Your business benefits from Recruitment Funnel are clear


SAVE TIME through streamlined, processing of job applications and CVs together with an innovative new Automated Telephone Interview system


ACHIEVE RESULTS FASTER with candidates quickly placed into the correct roles


IMPROVE RETENTION thorough effective screening increases candidate suitability

How it works

-CVs are assessed in line with the Job Brief & Candidate Profile.

-Successful candidates next receive a vacancy bespoke questionnaire to complete, which checks for key competencies crucial to the vacancy on offer

-Next comes an automated telephone interview where recorded candidate responses are captured and delivered to your desktop or phone in an audio file

Now all you need to do is listen and select your shortlist!

Bespoke ‘Person to Person’ pre-screening is also available in Recruitment Funnel. Get in touch today and arrange your obligation-free chat with a recruitment specialist.


Recruitment Funnel offers you many of the benefits of using a Recruitment Agency but at a fraction of the cost.